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"I'm not sure why it took me so long to order a Buggy Bench, but I'm grateful for it!!! Today we had a shopping trip without any fussing or tears..."

@lifeis_twogood via Instagram

"The best invention ever for a parent of two littles! Buggy Bench is the greatest baby shower gift."

@notetoselph via Instagram

"I was stopped so many times at the store about my nifty little seat. I feel like I'd be doing everyone a disservice by not spreading the word! Buggy Bench has made shopping sooo easy with two kiddos."

@probablyattarget via Instagram

"Buggy Bench is an absolute MUST have mommas! It makes the thought and process of shopping so much more pleasant! Easy to install, (and uninstall) and the girls love it! I don't have to lug them around in a stroller and push a buggy now when I shop!"

@raisinggoldbergs via Instagram

"I'm not sure why it took me so long to discover Buggy Bench. This little seat is amazing! I love how it folds so conveniently in my bag, and how comfy my girl is sitting in the cart! Thank you Buggy Bench!"

@loving_wifey_mama_7 via Instagram

"Now that they're 8 months old I took our Buggy Bench out for a test drive. Pretty awesome! Recommend it for those with twins or lil ones super close in age, up to 40 lbs."

@eatsweetandlive via Instagram

"As parents of multiples we know it's a challenge shopping with little ones. How are we going to fit two toddlers in a shopping cart, is this bus of a double stroller going to fit through the aisles? Chances are it's not LOL. That's why I am SO glad there is a product like the Buggy Bench out there. It is a life saver for sure and a must have for moms of twins- It gives ANY shopping cart an extra seat. They're super comfy and they come in some really cute colors and patterns."

@stuff4multiples via Instagram

"Buggy Bench. This thing is a life saver! Because lets face it. A 2 year old walking while trying to shop is a no go. This seat is perfect & she loves it. You can still fit everything you need in the cart without a kid stomping all over it. Thanks to the Buggy Bench both my kids are safe in the cart. Oh yeah and it fits any cart!"

@tiredmamablog24 via Instagram

"If you have twins or two young children, you NEED a Buggy Bench in your life. It has been a lifesaver for us!!"

@travelingwithtoddlers via Instagram

"Every mama of multiples needs a Buggy Bench! Game changer for sure and frees up all the room in your cart!!!"

@emma_lynch52 via Instagram

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