According to the AAP American Academy of Pediatrics, an average of 20,700 children younger than 5 years, were treated in US hospital emergency departments in 2005 for shopping cart–related injuries.

After I had my twin boys, I began thinking of how I could keep both of them safe and seated in the shopping cart while grocery shopping, not only for the convenience of shopping, but primarily for the safety of my children.

Up to this point, I had to depend on others to come along on a grocery trip. I remember lying in bed one night wondering how I was going to take them to the store on my own. Not only did I worry about one of them falling out, but also there was not enough space in the cart to place the groceries, and you can only fit so much under the cart. I never liked using the stretch-limo sized carts because they are hard to maneuver and very difficult to find at some stores.

After a lot of thinking, I designed the Buggy Bench™ grocery shopping cart baby seat, which has become the perfect solution for me and thousands of moms around the world to make grocery shopping with your baby, toddler or multiples a stress-free experience.

Although I was initially inspired by my twins to design the Buggy Bench™ grocery shopping infant seat, the great thing about the Buggy Bench™ is that it is not just for twins. Moms, dads and grandparents can now use the Buggy Bench ™ instead of placing their baby in the back basket of the shopping cart, especially because they don’t have to disinfect the shopping cart before placing their baby inside to protect the baby from germs and bacteria, shopping cart handles are often times covered up with grimy groceries and who knows what else.

From one mom to the next, trust me when I say that the Buggy Bench ™ shopping cart infant seat will make your grocery shopping trip with your child and enjoyable experience.

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