In general, parents tend to place their toddler inside the basket of a shopping cart as soon as the baby can sit up without support, which normally occurs around 8 months of age.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of children in the United States are treated in emergency rooms every year for injuries derived from preventable shopping cart accidents. Data from the American Academy of Pediatrics place the number of baby shopping cart accidents up to 23,000 cases per year and advises against putting your child in Infant car seat carriers inside the basket of a grocery shopping cart, as the car seat, could slip out or cause the cart to topple over resulting in serious injuries for the baby.

Some grocery stores do provide carts with built-in infant seats. If you don't see one when you arrive at the store, ask a clerk if there are any available.

Thankfully there are a few excellent products available that can make your grocery shopping with your toddler or multiples a stress-free experience.

One these products are the Buggy Bench™ baby shopping cart seat which keeps a toddler or multiples safe and secure inside the shopping cart. Buggy Bench™ has gone through exhaustive and rigorous testing to meet and exceed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act CPSIA.

Buggy Bench™ is the perfect portable solution for successful grocery shopping with your baby. Whether you are shopping with a child or two, once unfolded, Buggy Bench™ turns into a comfortable, safe and secure baby shopping cart seat for an enjoyable grocery shopping trip with your child.

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