Once I had my third child, (I already had twins) grocery shopping with the kids became a little bit more challenging. The fact of the matter is that to make the grocery shopping experience an enjoyable one, it has more to do with the mother than with the kids. Here are 7 ways I’ve found to be of great help during my trips to the grocery store.

  1. Get organized: develop a meal plan and the according shopping list, there are many apps available that can help you organize your grocery shopping, but writing your meal plans and grocery shopping list in a spiral notebook or your PC, can work as well.
  2. Baby needs: One of the first things is to prepare your children for the grocery trip. Make sure they are fed, have fresh diapers and dressed up in layers to adapt to the climate inside the store. Hungry or thirsty babies are generally uneasy babies.
  3. Coupons: If you use coupons, organize and clip the ones you will use according to your grocery shopping list, many stores will honor coupons from their competitors. If you are familiar with digital coupons, download the coupons to your mobile phone to scan at the register.
  4. Set time goals: Before hitting the road, set up the total time you want to be out grocery shopping with your babies and stick to it. It is recommended that you only do one store at a time, but if you are stopping at more than one store set up a time for each store, Babies get tired easily.
  5. Shopping cart seat: The Buggy Bench™ baby shopping cart seat is the perfect solution for babies over six months or toddlers. Buggy Bench™ keeps your child comfortable, safe, and secure inside the shopping cart when you go grocery shopping, and also keeps your baby protected from the germs and bacteria often present in the shopping carts, particularly in the handles.
  6. Parking: Many stores or shopping malls have a parking area exclusive for expecting mothers or for families. Identify if your store of choice has these available as they are closer to the main entrance, have a wider parking area (To avoid other cars parking so close that there is no room to open your car doors), have an adjacent area to return the shopping carts. Some stores also offer help to carry and load your groceries into your vehicle, if none of these is available at your store, try to find a strategically placed parking spot.
  7. Loading and unloading: Write your shopping list in the order you will be doing your shopping and group products accordingly. If possible bring your own shopping bags to put your products by type i.e. groceries, meats, dairy, cleaning, etc. this will keep them fresh, in one place, will make unloading easier and it will take less time to organize in your fridge.

Please remember that children are by nature active, are always exploring and discovering new things, so Keep Calm and Shop.

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