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Navy Blue Buggy Bench Shopping Cart
Charcoal Grey Buggy Bench
Blush Pink Buggy Bench
Navy Blue Buggy Bench
Mint Green Buggy Bench

Safe & Secure

Easy to Use


Fits all Shopping Carts


Holds up to 40 lbs. 


Makes Shopping Easier

Mint Green Buggy Bench Shopping Cart Seat

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Buggy Bench shopping cart seat is the perfect solution to shopping with two or more kids. It holds up to 40 pounds, fits ALL carts, and is machine washable. It works great for moms of multiples! Whether its twins, triplets, or 2 young children close in age, you can count on Buggy Bench to make your shopping trips go smoothly. 

Buggy Bench Reviews 

"I'm not sure why it took me so long to discover the Buggy Bench. This little seat is amazing!" 

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