Welcome to Buggy Bench

The Buggy Bench baby shopping cart seat was invented by a mom to make grocery shopping with your baby, toddler or twins a stress-free experience.

Buggy Bench is the perfect portable solution for successful grocery shopping with your baby. Whether you are shopping with a child or two, once unfolded, Buggy Bench turns into a comfortable, safe and secure baby shopping cart seat for an enjoyable grocery shopping trip with your child.

Benefits of the Buggy Bench baby shopping cart seat:

  • The safety belt keeps your child secure and safely seated inside the grocery shopping cart at all times
  • Your baby is comfortably seated on the soft padded seat
  • Because it is machine washable, you won’t have to disinfect the grocery shopping before placing your baby in it, to protect your baby from germs and bacteria
  • Easily attaches to any size shopping cart
  • Instantly creates a second seat when you are grocery shopping with two infants
  • Conveniently folds in half for easy transportation and storage when not in use
  • It is designed to conveniently fit into your diaper bag
Boy in a cart

Although a baby could ride in the seat of a grocery shopping cart as soon as the baby can sit up without support, which could be as early as 6 months, although it is highly recommended to wait until the baby can sit steadily on his or her own for the duration of a shopping trip because the lap belts found on most shopping carts doesn’t provide enough support for the baby.

Once babies hit seven or eight months, grocery shopping can become more difficult and challenging as their attention spans begin to dwindle and in particularly when your toddler starts walking. In addition, shopping carts can present the following complications:

  • Seat belts in shopping carts are sometimes broken, wet or dirty
  • Grocery shopping carts are uncomfortably hard for the infant’s body
  • Shopping carts need to be disinfected before placing your baby to protect your baby from germs and bacteria
  • Shopping cart handles are often times covered up with grimy groceries and who knows what else.